We are the recognized sports industry authority for technology education and training. Your individual membership or business partnership supports the adoption and utilization of technologies in sport. 

Do you believe that innovative methods and commercial tools are the byproduct of engineering, science, mathematics, and medical research? We do. However, the sports industry is faced with a massive challenge in applying new technologies, adopting innovative methods, or developing customized products. Talent development regarding technology is the most pressing issue in sport.  We offer a full life-cycle stack combining content creation, delivery platforms, and systems management. Our team tackles commercial or academic education goals.

Technology in sport consists of innovative designs, equipment materials, textiles and fabrics, sensors and devices, medical instruments, stadium systems, personal computers, software platforms, analytics, and data. 

A scientific approach to course development along with secure online platforms help consumers or professionals develop necessary technology skills. From competitive gaming, recreational outdoors to elite sports, your annual free membership opens the door to accessible online training. Our Members are interested in building career enhancing skills while learning about technologies. Become a Member!

Additionally, we invite all instrument, equipment, device, software, or technical products to consider joining our partner program. We offer commercial product education services and training management. Corporate partners leverage our processes, delivery systems, and trust us to manage learning initiatives such as new hire training, existing employee development, or a custom product certification. Become a Partner! 

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      • Venue Managers
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