The International Sports Technology Association [ISTA] is a collaborative organization focused on global service standards, educational programs, technology validation, and unique partnerships to unite the sports industry within the emerging 'sports technology' field. 

We believe sports medicinesports science and sports engineering create valuable innovative technologies across the sports industry. Examples include innovations in design, data platforms, analytics, electronics such as sensors, safety devices, video systems, materials and fabrics, computers, and more. The maturity of science and engineering research applied to sport is what makes sports technology possible. 

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Additionally, esports are on our radar. As esport matures new game performance metrics encourage athletic training to sharpen the mind and reflexes for competitive gamers. The collision of virtual reality (VR) with active games will create new ways to move and compete in the digital domain. 

At nearly every sporting event, technology is increasingly relied upon and recognized as a 'must have'. A digital transformation is underway designed to enhance athlete careers, inform brands, and elevate spectator experiences. 

"Those who adopt technology, innovate with technology, and fully utilize technology will develop winning reputations." ~ CEO

Since our formation thousands of sports professionals have found us and rely on the association to be the voice for sports technology professionals and businesses. Individual members use their technical skills to help business teams, coaches, or athletes secure winning reputations, while our business partners enjoy credible authoritative news and market insights.

We invite sports professionals to become a free general member or registered sports technologist. Access official training materials to enhance your career as a registered technologist or simply receive our newsletter as a free general member. 

If you represent a business and wish to support our organization, please visit our business directory pages to list your company in our partners program. 

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