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This is the global technology association for the sports industry. We aim to put technology into skilled hands at every level of sport. Join others to influence innovation and technology in sport.

From innovative design, data enabled computing, to safety devices, all industries are continually disrupted by technological advances, sport is no exception. Take control of the rapidly changing sports technology sector by joining the most relevant professional organization affecting modern sport. 

We are a collaborative organization with several internal membership-only volunteer leadership opportunities including an academic council and a business committee. Our executive management team handles training and education as their primary business function and works with collaborative ecosystems to foster a healthy vibrant sector. You are invited to become a member, join today


Our Vision

We provide educational systems and instructional services to increase the adoption of technology for athlete welfare, fan enrichment, or brand growth in sport. Our membership represents the unification of national ecosystems to form a collaborative global community.  

          • Sport - an activity requiring physical and cognitive skill in which an individual or team competes against another usually with spectators.
          • Technology - applying science or engineering skills to solve problems usually resulting in the creation of a tool, machine, equipment, or method.

The Culture 

Our association is focused on digital and technical leadership. To ensure our mission progress, we have developed three pillars for success. We ask our membership to champion these pillars as part of our culture.   

Our Pillars

Education - We create educational programming that helps professionals learn and share their technology skills in sport. 

Our members remove fragmented silos and industry uncertainty by making a commitment to continuous technology education. 

Leadership - We are leaders for technology in sport. Our membership addresses artificial intelligence, sustainability, inclusion issues, and technology best practices.
A fast moving industry cannot sit idle to wait for new governance policies regarding technology applications. Our global membership will be the voice for responsible technology in sport.
Community - We are colleagues, peers, friends, and professionals. Our online member directory and support of networking opportunities help career expectations meet corporate interests. 

The cross pollination of technology from one segment to others requires knowledge transfer via events and conferences we promote and support events where  teaching is highly regarded. We have a dozen special interest groups for you to get involved.  

    ISTA North America HQ 
    2550 Sandy Plains Road 
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    Phone: (470) 485-ISTA
    Email: info@istassociation.com

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