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We are the leading industry membership organization providing a virtual marketplace referral service that brings together great companies and interested buyers in a valuable deal flow resource. For many years, trade shows were an acceptable use of time and resources to meet or discover businesses. Todays resource constraints hurt the industry's ability to find great products. We help by creating a private virtual learning opportunity where pre-qualified vendors pitch to pre-qualified buyers in discrete round-table events. Our match making events take place during the lunch hour or late afternoons. Let us jumpstart your strategies.   

"This is not an awards program. Your exit survey will determine whether companies deserve our "Seal of Approval."

   -Tino Mantella, Program Sponsor


We gather buyer interest and vendor data to fuel partnerships. After completion of our free vendor application and a brief follow up phone interview, we initiate a well balanced vendor review process. The top sports technology companies in the world pitch to a private virtual innovation round-table. Participants will engage with a single well qualified vendor along side a small discrete group of qualified buyers. (maximum 10:1 ratio)


Our proprietary three dimensional scoring provides visibility into product journeys and business models. This is accomplished through private and open source intelligence gathering. We collect research to discretely score company prospects based on technology readiness, business maturity, and market position


This reward is yours. Each virtual meeting participant will be listed as a fundraising team member in a charitable gift of $1,000 dollars. We will provide a short list of charities for the donation(s). You will choose which charity in the post-event survey. We hope this makes you feel good about sharing your time. 


Our team establishes an invite-only (private) 1 hour virtual round table event with the selected vendor. Each Executive Practitioner on the call will have access to company materials and participate in open discussions with screen share. There is ample time for questions and answers. 

Moderated by ISTA: 30 mins of presentation with 30 mins of discussion, Total: 1 hour

After the virtual innovation round table, Practitioners are encouraged to complete a short survey which will determine whether the selected vendor receives your contact info. The best vendor's will be offered our coveted Seal of Approval.   


  1. First, there is no cost for buyers to participate, simply find our public event page, read the company bio, and signal your interest via "wait list" application. We qualify all participants from the "wait list". You will receive a notification of your acceptance no less than 7 business days prior. 
  2. Second, consider that buyer and seller details will maintain complete anonymity. Vendors who break our NDA agreement will be replaced.  
  3. Third, if demand is beyond 10 practitioners, a second event may be created to accommodate more participants. Always a maximum of 10:1 ratio, with a minimum of 5:1 ratio. 
*Creating a member profile is suggested but not required. These events are by invitation only. We reserve the right to exclude participants based on prequalification and target market information provided by our vendor.  
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