Our work is not possible without an active membership. The following collaborative outreach groups are volunteer and in some cases independent from our daily operations or management. If you would like to get involved request a free membership and contact us.   

David Geddes

Chief Executive / President

Tanya Porter

Executive Director / Vice President

Sports Innovation Board (SIB)

Members of the Innovation Board are appointed based upon technology leadership and influence in global sport. They provide industry insights to help the association understand market signals and market standards which represent technology buyers. SIB primarily consists of sports executives, directors, managers, and coaches who influence buying behaviors at sporting organizations. 

Appointments Available: Jan. 2021 - Jan. 2023

Commercial Sports Technology Board (CSTB)

Members of the Commercial Board are tasked with impacting sports technology business through the creation of global programs addressing entrepreneurship, trade, investments and events. CSTB is governed with formal Bylaws and guided by volunteer business leadership. The Commercial Board was created for sports technology accelerators, conference producers, technology vendors, technical suppliers, and services teams. Investors are welcome for observer roles.

Next Membership Election Cycle: Dec. 2021 

  • Chair: Thomas Alomes
  • Vice Chair: Bertrand Guezel
  • Treasurer: Tod Caflisch
  • Secretary: Kevin Dawidowicz
  • Membership: Maher Safi

Council for Sports Technology Education (CSTE)

The volunteer membership council for academic and instructional advice helps us address and unify gaps in technology skills that challenge adoption and utilization. Members are tasked with the evaluation of education programs, building reference standards, providing guidance advisement and assistance with university or institutional partnerships. Created for course designers, associate or tenured faculty, lecturers, researchers, and education program administrators.

  • Acting Chair, Tanya Porter
  • Vice Chair, Kathy Aiken

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Program

This program is designed and operated by volunteer members who enjoy interacting with youth in many different capacities. Our sports technology development programs teach diverse youth about sports science and sports engineering concepts tailored to specific grade school curriculum. 

Special Interest Groups 

Members have access to online communities with segmented discussions focused on knowledge sharing. The association offers leadership roles to dedicated managers who champion information exchange, practice virtuous behaviors, and show a desire to learn. We welcome corporate sponsorship, meetups, and further divisions. 

            • Electronics, Wearables, & Devices   
            • Materials, Fabrics, & Equipment Engineering   
            • Business & Operations Technology 
            • Data, Analytics, and Models
            • Science & Innovation 
            • Video Analysis             
            • Virtual Experience      
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