Board of Directors

Our Board leadership drives strategic financial decisions by providing road maps to solve challenges within the global sports industry which directly impact the visibility and adoption of technology in sport.

Executive Advisory Board

Members of the Executive Advisory Board are appointed based upon technology leadership and influence in global sport. They provide industry insights to help the association understand international trends, government activities, league regulatory issues, economic trade, and geopolitical concerns effecting technology in sport. Appointments available: 2019-2021.

Council For Sports Technology Education (CSTE)

The Council is an independent peer-reviewed professional and academic working group housed at our Institute. CSTE is tasked with reviewing educational programs, maintaining accreditation standards, and managing collaborative university partnerships. It is organized with its own steering committee and board. Areas of contribution:  
            • Core Foundations
            • Textbook Resources
            • Exam Development
            • Coursework Review
            • Skills Verification
            • Career Advisement
            • Expert Lecturer  

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Program

This program is designed and operated by a volunteer committee who enjoys interacting with youth in many different capacities. Our sports technology development programs teach diverse youth about sports science and sports engineering concepts tailored to specific grade school curriculum. 

Special Interest Groups 

Registered & Certified Members have access to special online communities with segmented discussions focused on knowledge sharing. The association offers leadership roles to dedicated managers who champion information exchange, practice virtuous behaviors, and show a desire to learn. We welcome corporate sponsorship, meetups, and further divisions. 

            • Electronics, Wearables, & Devices   
            • Materials, Fabrics, & Equipment Engineering   
            • Business & Operations Technology 
            • Data, Analytics, and Models
            • Science & Innovation 
            • Video Analysis             
            • Virtual Experience          

ISTA North America HQ 
2550 Sandy Plains Road 
Marietta, Georgia 30066 

Phone: (470) 485-ISTA
Email: info@istassociation.com

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