Industry Research

ISTA's Professional Sports Technology Institute (PSTI) utilizes a well rounded industry outreach to research technology's impact within the culture of sport. The mission goals for our current research programs are: 

  • To gather global sports technology sector and segment intelligence
  • To analyze public and private information sources to uncover weaknesses and highlight strengths
  • To influence current and future innovations for improved socio-technical capabilities in the sector   

ISTA-PSTI collaboration hinges on our Sports Innovation Advisory Board, which acts as a broad multi-sport cross-functional business intelligence advisory. SIAB volunteer members provide macro insights from geographically significant sports markets. ISTA-PSTI volunteers fuel our global visibility by sharing and collaborating to benefit students, members, and partners.   

If you would like to be considered for a potential board opportunity, candidates will adhere to privacy standards and ethical expectations for a two (2) year commitment (24 months). Each month may require private calls, group conference calls, virtual meetings, timely email responses, and drafting monthly technical briefs (500+ words).     

Interested candidates are encouraged to send an email for more information:  




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