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The global industry believes that to differentiate, setup, operate, and fully apply technology requires individual qualification, validation, and continuing education recognition 

The Professional Sports Technology Institute™ is the research and education division for the trade association. We provide a center of excellence for technology in all levels of sport. Our efforts elevate engineering, medicine, and science roles as the most prestigious jobs in sport. We set standards, offers skill validation, influence business research, and recognize great innovators. 

PSTI pursues business intelligence and education programs with a focus on data, analytics, devices, platforms, software and hardware in sport; overlap includes ancillary markets such as fitness, outdoors, and esports.


Quality Workforce

The "technologist" title is well established in elite global sport. We are democratizing technology best practice in sport. Our certification pathway is complimentary to sports science, sports medicine, and sports engineering where the science moves slowly compared to technologies. Our applied pathway has been designed to launch new multi-disciplined cross functional roles.

Registered Members serve the needs of businesses in their pledge to continually evolve their technology skills. Future "certified" members will be recognized as qualified experts behind innovation, creation, application, and management of technologies applied to fans, brands, or athletes.   


Your Institute also provides education management services for partner organizations or technical product owners, who need effective training as part of their employee or customer retention strategies. We provide expert content development for recognized and balanced learning or communication goals.  

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