The Institute is focused on delivering approved learning opportunities, provider courses, and accredited certification programs backed by an industry association. 

Shape Your Future. 

The global industry now believes that to differentiate, setup, operate, and fully apply technology requires individual qualification, validation, and continuing education recognition 

ISTA's Professional Sports Technology Institute™ advances careers, improves athletic success and further matures the field of sports technology through recognized standards, certifications, accreditation, resources, tools, academic research, publications, professional development guides, and networking opportunities. 

The Institute's certification pathway is a global effort to provide the sports industry with knowledge standardization to increase technology adoption, utilization, and specialization.

We understand that our global sports technology landscape is massive in scope, crossing into broadcast, video games, fantasy or betting, media rights, sponsorship, medicine, fitness, and many more areas. The accredited certification pathway has been designed to touch many roles within diverse sports. Future league and commercial partnerships will dictate technology specialization, however, digital literacy and performance analysis topics will be valuable to anyone working with data, information, or knowledge in any sport.

ISTA's Professional Sports Technology Institute™ is managed by the association's executive team and advised by a volunteer membership council. Individual members who enroll in the certification pathway must first commit to becoming a 'Registered Sports Technologists'. Together, the Institute's enrolled technologists will solve the biggest challenges in modern sport.

ISTA's Professional Sports Technology Institute™ and volunteer advisory council manage the "Official Body of Knowledge" covering everything technologists need to succeed in the emerging field of sports technology. Also included are book lists, study guides, practice tests, and discussion forums. 

Official Areas of Study: 

Section 1: Foundations for Human Performance Science

      • HPS101 - Basic Sports Science
      • HPS102 - Sports Medicine
      • HPS203 - Sports Measurements
      • HPS204 - Sports Performance Criteria
      • HPS305 - Sports Biometrics
Section 2: Foundations for Digital Technology Literacy
          • DTL101 - Sports Data
          • DTL102 - Sports Analytics
          • DTL201 - Sports Hardware & Networks
          • DTL202 - Sports Software & APIs
          • DTL300 - Athlete Management Systems
          • DTL301- Technology Management Concepts

Section 3: Foundations for Performance Analysis Science

          • PAS101 - Performance Impact Stakeholders
          • PAS102 - Scout & Performance Preparation
          • PAS200 - Analysis Tools
          • PAS201 - Basic Statistics
          • PAS300 - Visual Models
          • PAS301 - Human Persuasion Models
          • PAS400 - Human Decision Mechanics  

 Section 4: Foundations for Applied Sports Technology

      • HST200 - Global Industry Overview
      • HST101 - Basic Sports Tech History & Evolution
      • FEP101 - Sports Fan & Entertainment Perspectives
      • INO101 - Sports Innovation Models & Application
      • ENG101 - Sports Equipment Engineering & Materials 
      • RST101 - Registered Technologist Career Path
      • CSTP101 Certified Technologist Responsibilities

The Certified Sports Technology Professional CSTPTM mark, certificate, and verifiable number will be granted to those who meet the standards as administered via the institute's testing regime. The successful qualification will enable professional recognition for expert technology service in the field of 'sports technology'.

If you would like to take advantage of certification opportunities enroll in our new institute. Complete the membership application

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