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Body of Knowledge Outline

The study areas and knowledge concentration for candidate reliability are based on reference standards that the institute and volunteer educational council maintain. The performance areas which a professional sports technologist will be tested upon are below. 

 The design of the concentration areas are to unify three core functions useful for all sports organizations.  


Official Areas of Study: 

Section 1:Foundations for Human Performance Science

    • Sports Science
    • Sports Medicine
    • Sports Measurements
    • Sports Performance Criteria
    • Sports Biometrics
Section 2:Foundations for Digital Technology Literacy
  • Sports Data
  • Sports Analytics
  • Sports Hardware & Networks
  • Sports Software & APIs
  • Athlete Management Systems
  • Technology Management Concepts

Section 3:Foundations for Performance Analysis Science

  • Performance Impact Stakeholders
  • Scout & Performance Preparation
  • Analysis Tools
  • Basic Statistics
  • Visual Models
  • Human Persuasion Models
  • Human Decision Mechanics  

 Section 4:Foundations for Applied Sports Technology

    • Global Industry Overview
    • Basic Sports Tech History & Evolution
    • Sports Fan & Entertainment Perspectives
    • Sports Innovation Models & Application
    • Sports Equipment Engineering & Materials 
    • Registered Technologist Career Path
    • Certified Technologist Responsibilities

    The Certified Sports Technology Professional CSTPTM mark, certificate, and verifiable number will be granted to those who meet the standards as administered via the institute's testing regime. The successful qualification will enable professional recognition for expert technology service in the field of 'sports technology'.

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