The association has achieved recognition by these membership groups who approved our sports technology courses for their membership to satisfy required continuous education mandates.  We encourage our membership to learn about these organizations. 

The association's internal institute for learning has also developed credentialing requirements for third party vendor neutral and vendor specific training courses that fit into "applied sports technology" product knowledge or skill development. 

Recognized trust marks are a common way to communicate standards. A formal policy for reviewing content or events, and the requirements for maintaining each designation is available upon request. 

Marks include Approved, Accredited, or Certified.

Policy Definitions:

Approved - reviewed content or event topics deemed acceptable for continuous technology education credit based on professional impact and importance. 

Accredited - well documented course content that meets appropriate measurement methodologies that evaluate learning outcomes.

Certified - statistically supported assessments (exams or tests) that generate a respected credential to validate skills or knowledge in accordance with academic standards.    

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