General Members formally "Register" with the Institute based on their personal career goals and a desire to set themselves apart from others. They choose to build a career in a new field.  

Take the first step, Register with the Institute. 


Registered Members have access to Official Body of Knowledge, text book lists, chapter reviews, study guides, and practice tests. 

Registered Members are required to report annually their educational activities with approved providers. 


Registered Members may choose to maintain their status by paying annual registration dues.

Passing a standards based examination certifies and validates your knowledge and skills. Those who pass the exam are Certified Members

Brief History 

Equipment and apparel companies have been innovating in sport for decades, possibly centuries. Modern National Olympic Committees employ Sports Technologists to assist managing technology systems. The importance of data and analytics is now clear. The industry is now trying to adopt more technologies with more effect talent.  


Your program draws members from established technical and sports undergraduate degrees.

The institute was designed to attract talent into sport for employers and organizations. Interests include sports business, athlete performance fan engagement, and sports innovation.


Your new career field outlook is exceptional. Certified Member recognition is reserved for the elite ranks based on your abilities. The program is well respected.

It is not a coincidence national organizations and professional teams have begun to hire candidates based on our published Body of Knowledge.  

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